To find out more about Shelby County’s Compact project, read through the FAQs below. If you have more questions, feel free to contact us.


Our primary mission is to identify juveniles that are either at high risk for or already involved in substance misuse and provide them resources to make better choices for a healthy lifestyle.

Immediate results isn’t our expectation.  Building relationships that last to best benefit the juvenile and their families would be our expectation for results.

We would help that teen by referring them to a Central Alabama Wellness counselor and trying to mentor them.

  • A link to Central Alabama Wellness
  • Mentorship from a consistent and positive source
  • Continued education for schools, juveniles and families on drug trends, warning signs of possible substance misuse and self medicating
  • Teen talk line
  • Parent talk line
  • Alternatives to self medicating


In 2016, Shelby County leaders and City leaders came together to address the realization that WE must take a proactive approach to the increasing trend of substance abuse and addiction among our students and young adults, as well as equip our families to respond to their loved one facing these challenges.

Compact is a unique approach that is the first of its kind. This project is directed by the Shelby County District Attorney, the County Manager and the Shelby County Sheriff. The Compact team is accountable to a Governance Board consisting of leadership from all four school systems, participating municipalities, and specialized partners such as Chilton Shelby Mental Health.

No, Compact is a community initiative. We have a team of veteran community outreach officers who have come together to form a multi-jurisdictional effort to work with students at-risk of substance misuse. The multi-jurisdictional effort is supported by the:

  • Alabaster Police Department
  • District Attorney’s Office
  • Helena Police Department
  • Hoover Police Department
  • Montevallo Police Department
  • Pelham Police Department
  • Shelby County Sheriff’s Office