Our Intervention Team works to educate parents and students as well as locate youth who are at risk of, or involved in substance misuse or addiction, and provide them help and resources.

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Identifying who’s at Risk

Compact seeks to identify students and young adults who are at risk of substance abuse and addiction, or who might already be involved. To find these individuals, career law enforcement officers gather information from various sources. These include can include school resource officers, coaches, teachers, parents, community leaders, etc.

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Scheduling a Meeting with the Family

Once an at-risk student or young adult is identified through the various sources, our investigators then schedule a meeting with the individual’s parents. This meeting is not for the purpose of an arrest, but rather the purpose is to share the information with the individual’s parents. The parents are then supplied with proven resources to help address this challenge.

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Equipping the Family with Proven Resources

Some proven resources given to the parents of an at-risk individual include:

  • Other families who have had a loved one with substance abuse, and are willing to work with the family and answer questions
  • Community faith leaders
  • Family counseling services
  • Specialized mental health and substance abuse services, such as Central Alabama Wellness
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Mental Health/Substance Misuse Assessment

If you believe you or a loved one suffers from a mental health or substance abuse problem, complete a comprehensive mental health/substance misuse assessment today. Our highly-intuitive assessment can help determine areas of unhealthy cognitive, emotional, and behavioral patterns. If you have questions or concerns regarding the mental health/substance misuse assessment or are interested in learning how to signup, call or contact Compact today.